These meetings brings together health practitioners, researchers and academics, policy makers and those working in the humanitarian sector and its purpose is to share experiences and reinforce local, national and regional partnerships to prevent and reduce the impact of violence against health care.


Theme: The role of humanitarian engagement with armed actors in safeguarding health care and vaccines Panelist: Ms Marie Lequin, Eurasia Regional Director, Geneva Call

Theme: An examination of measures carried out to incorporate the protection of civilians into doctrine and practice Panelist: Ms Marianna Tonutti, Governance Advisor – J9 Division, CIMIC Liaison Branch / Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, NATO

Theme: Protecting Health care: The role of the armed forces in armed conflict
Panelist: Mr Jan Tijmen Ninck Blok, Legal Advisor, Netherlands Red Cross (and author of “Study on the Protection of Healthcare by State Armed Forces”)


Theme: An overview of COVID-19 impact on nurses, and the reality of violence against health care from a nursing perspective Panelist: Ms Hoi Shan Woo, Policy Adviser on Nursing & Health, International Council of Nurses

Theme: Vaccine hesitancy, public trust and community engagement in Central Asia – an experience from Kazakihstan  Panelist: Mr Jamie Sport, Community Engagement Delegate, IFRC Central Asia Mr Alisher Assylbekov, Community Engagement Specialist, Kazakh Red Crescent

Theme: Mental Health and psychosocial support, COVID-19 and violence Panelist: Dr Barbara Juen, Associate Professor, University of Innsbruck, Institute of Psychology, the Head of Psychosocial Support at the Austrian Red Cross and partner in the No Fear Network


Theme: Data collection systems to monitor and address violence against health care Panelist: Dr Tomás Cobo Castro, Vicepresidente Primero del Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Médicos, Spain

Theme: Passing the law on the protection of healthcare in Italy and its implications in the current Context Panelist: Mr Rosario Valastro, Vice President, Italian Red Cross

Theme: Strategies to prevent, detect and handle cyberattacks against health infrastructure Panelist: Mr Bruno Halopeau, Chief Technology Officer, CyberPeace Institute

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Theme: International mobilization around cooperation in the protection of health care Panelist: Mr Chaim Rafalowski, Disaster Management and EU Projects Coordinator, Magen David Adom and partner to the No Fear Network

Theme: EU support for research and practices in protection of health care Panelist: Ms. Reka Dobri, Policy Officer, European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO)

Theme: Review of the state of ongoing concrete initiatives and ICRC strategy on the protection of health care Panelist: Mr Maciej Polkowski, Head of Health Care in Danger Initiative, International Committee of the Red Cross

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