HCID Event: 10 Years of Health Care in Danger (HCiD) in the Movement

10 Years of Health Care in Danger (HCiD) in the Movement Event

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This meeting highlighted the diverse contribution of Movement partners over this 10 year period in their own words. 

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Dr Petra Khoury

Director, Health and Care Department, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

Panel Discussions


Moderated by

Kaja Sannerud Andersen

Senior Advisor Protection & Policy, Norwegian Red Cross


Abdulkadir Ibrahim Haji “Afi”

Director of Organizational Development & Communication, Somalia Red Crescent Society


Dr Juvenal Francisco Moreno Carrillo

General Director, Colombian Red Cross

Dr Manir H. Jega

Coordinator, Health & Care, Nigerian Red Cross Society

Closing Remarks

Kate Halff

Head of Division, Cooperation & Coordination within the Movement International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

The protection of health care has long been a cornerstone of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Indeed, the Movement is rooted in providing neutral and impartial care to the wounded and sick in times of armed conflict. 

The genesis of the Health Care in Danger Project and Initiative was brought about through the adoption of Movement Resolution 5 of the 31st International Conference in 2011 and Resolution 4 of the 32nd International Conference in 2015. 

These Resolutions represent the Movement seeing a need to redouble its focus on safeguarding healthcare and the actions since a fulfillment of commitment to addressing these diverse needs. 

From 2011, the ICRC followed up on its Resolution 5 commitment to spearhead a series of global expert consultations in partnership with the Movement to compile guidance and recommendations that if implemented would address the need to protect health care. 

Since 2015, the strategic orientation has been driven by an overriding emphasis on the operationalization of practical measures to concretize recommendations and guidance into actions.