What can be done

Six priorities

The HCID initiative has brought to light six areas where the move from commitment to meaningful action needs to be made a priority by all concerned. For each area, the HCID initiative has identified recommendations and practical measures to guide the actions of relevant actors. They address a number of aspects relevant to the prevention of violence against health care and to the reduction of the impact of insecurity on the safe access to and delivery of health care.

hcid-time-to-act-2017-engThe HCID recommendations and measure are the fruit of a two year long process which involved consultations and dialogue with many different actors: state authorities, militaries, armed groups, international professional associations, health-care workers, humanitarian organisations, civil society and religious leaders and many more. They aim at generating respect for international humanitarian law, the humanitarian space and the life-saving mission of health services.

The implementation of the HCID recommendations and specific measures identified in the six areas can help countries to strengthen the protection of health care personnel, facilities and transport, help to build the resilience of their national health care system and ensure safer access to health care and its impartial and effective delivery particularly during armed conflict or other emergencies.

The HCID recommendations and concrete measures in this area aim at helping states reinforce their domestic legislation and comply with their obligations in terms of implementation of the existing international framework protecting health care delivery and services.

The HCID recommendations focus on:
a. improving legal protection for patients and health personnel and facilities
b. ensuring proper use of the distinctive emblems
c. providing legal protection for safeguarding medical ethics and confidentiality
d. dealing effectively with violations of the rules protecting the provision of health care

The HCID measures in this area are essentially:
a. Legislative measures for the implementation of the existing international legal framework
b. Dissemination and training measures
c. Coordination measures between concerned stakeholders

The HCiD recommendations and measures are set out in the publication entitled “Domestic Normative Frameworks for the Protection of Health Care”.