Attacks against health-care workers, hospitals and ambulances disrupt health-care services, often to a point of no return, depriving people of life-saving treatment. Violence against health care must end.

  • Protecting health care in armed conflicts : legal challenges

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  • New tool helps hospitals prepare to face violence

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  • Stop attacks against health care

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    A street play draws attention to protection of health care workers in South Sudan

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  • RT @MSF_LauraGarcia: #MSF #Yemen Hospital de Al Yumhuri, en la ciudad de #Hajja, tras el bombardeo del 4 de diciembre. Incluso la #guerra
  • RT @afaiteICRC: Yesterday, hospital in Hays was hit. Whilst nature of attack still unclear and information needs to be collected further by…
  • RT @antena3com: .@AmaiaSalamanca, la cara solidaria de #NoSonUnObjetivo, una acción de #Atresmedia y @CruzRojaEsp que necesita tu ayuda: "¡…
  • RT @AnnyssaBellal: One of my latest publications (forthcoming in 2018) in case you're interested 'Health and the Law of Armed Conflict' @SS…
  • RT @msf_yemen: 2/4 The airstrike damaged ER, operating theatre, intensive care unit and inpatient department of MSF-supported hospital in…


  • A mandate from the international community

    December 2011 : Resolution 5 on health care in danger is adopted at the 31st International Conference.

  • Gathering experts to find solutions together

    April 2012 : Those involved in the Health Care in Danger project start a consultation process with experts and practitioners around the world to find ways to protect health-care services.

  • Promoting the way forward

    November 2013 : The first recommendations and measures for protecting health-care services are published. The report shows ways forward for ambulances at risk.

  • Fostering diplomatic engagement

    December 2014 : The UN adopts four resolutions on protecting health-care services in armed conflict.

  • Promoting respect for health-care ethics

    June 2015 : Common ethical principles of health care adopted by four major health organizations.

  • Keeping up the momentum

    December 2015 : Health Care in Danger is a key topic at the 32nd International Conference.


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