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Joint projects on RESEARCH

Violence against healthcare an facility damage in Bangladesh

On 16th of February 2023 the ICRC hosted an event to present the findings of the study Violence against health care and facility damage in Bangladesh, conducted by the Centre for Injury Prevention and Research, Bangladesh (CIPRB).

How can cities best prepare for emergencies?

Building capacity to respond to mass casualty
events is an important consideration for urban health authorities.
This pilot of a new tool may enable city leaders to improve emergency response plans

Researching violence Agains Health Care: GAPS & PRIORITIES

Our Researching Violence Against Health Care: Gaps and Priorities report identifies key evidence gaps that need to be filled through rigorous research if we are to identify solutions to prevent and protect health care from violence.

Madrid Round Table on DATA COLLECTION

Peer-to-Peer Round Table on National Data Collection Systems to Measure and Analyse Violence against Health Care, Madrid, Spain, 27–28 November 2019

Communication campaigns

Communication Campaign in Colombia

When medical staff, whose work is to save lives, are being attacked, stigmatized or harassed, you have to wonder, has the world turned upside down?

Communication Campaign in Lebanon

As part of its multidisciplinary HCiD programming, the delegation in collaboration with the Movement, has deployed a campaign which uses emotional language and imagery to appeal to the conscience of the whole population in the country.

Selected Experiences:

COVID-19 Special

For people living in conflict zones, the pandemic spread of coronavirus disease (also known as COVID-19) represents a dramatic threat to life.

Selected Experience: Lebanon 

Ein el-Helweh is the biggest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. Measuring just one square kilometre, it is home to as many as 70,000 people, including Palestinian refugees from Syria and smaller numbers of Syrian refugees and Lebanese nationals.